The fountains in the protected area

In the protected area there are two fountains: the first is called “Fontana Piccola” and the second is called “Canne al vento”.

The first fountain is known as “Fontana Piccola” (“Small Fountain”) and is located between buildings B and C.

It is made from a basin built into the ground and a vertical stone element that generates a small waterfall. The whole fountain is entirely built in Carrara and Bianco Tirreno marble, while the edging and the floor around it are made from trachyte. The vertical element plays with the theme of the balance of weights, and was sculpted in Carrara.

The second fountain, of considerable size, is called “Canne al Vento” (“Canes in the Wind”).It is the most important fountain in the complex, built with a large basin built into the ground and split into three sections. The name is inspired by the cane rush in the central section of the basin. This fountain has different water features and is characterized by three differently sized statues with vaguely art deco lines. The statues depict a hunting scene: a flying heron and a mother sea turtle with its hatchling. All the sculptures and finishing are entirely made from Carrara marble. The fountain is parallel to building C, and was originally intended as a scenographic element against the backdrop of the park, to create a view from the main hall of Building C.


Over the years, old water collection tanks have been recovered and turned into fountains. Each one has a different theme and represents a different stage of a waterway that weaves its way through the park. Smaller water decantation collection tanks have also been embellished and turned into beautiful spaces that are now home to both migratory and non-migratory birds.

The fountains have mainly been built using local and Tuscan marbles.

Fountain of Villa Asquer
Fountain of Villa Asquer